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Work smarter with skills from PRSA workshops

Thursday, January 18, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Maureen Schriner
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To help you with new practices and new perspectives to your PR career, Minnesota PRSA is offering a series of workshops through 2018 that you can apply in your daily work. On Feb. 23, there are morning and lunch events: Learn from corporate communicators from 3M, Honeywell, Carideo Group and Deluxe in Expanding Your Role Beyond Communications Counsel.  (Click to register) The luncheon event, Making Big Ticket Corporate Partnerships Work for You, will feature communicators for the Super Bowl, Ryder Cup, World’s Fair bid and U.S. Bank.(Click to register)


What kind of new practices can you learn? One of the workshops offered by Minnesota PRSA in 2017 was a hands-on event: Through the Eyes of the Customer: Why Customer Journey Mapping Matters in B2C and B2B.


Participants practiced mapping with a simulated customer experience using a template (provided here.) The panel of customer journey mapping leaders:

·  Eric McPherson, MBA, Marketing and Business Development Strategist, 3M

·  Jennifer Mellum, MBA, Senior Director Customer Experience and Research, Prime Therapeutics

·   Roberto Seif, MBA, Strategic Innovation Designer, HDR

Some of the key pointers from the panelists:


Admit problems of bias:   

·         Expert bias is common, according to Seif. The bias leads organizations to make decisions based on best practices, and tried and tested models, rather than existing or emerging unmet needs of customers.  

·         Don’t assume the sales team knows everything about their customer. That was one attitude 3M had to set aside in its customer journey mapping, said McPherson.

·         Without mapping the customer’s experience from end to end over a period of time, it’s difficult to see what’s happening, Mellum noted.


Adopt a method:  

Qualitative in-depth studies of the customer experience were emphasized by all three panelists.

·         Listening to the series of calls one customer makes, from beginning to end, has brought powerful responses from customer service teams at Prime Theraupeutics, said Mellum. “A couple of quotes can go a long way” to capture problems with customer pain points.

·         Intense workshops that brought together cross-functional teams, from operations, marketing, sales and more, helped 3M create a detailed mapping of every touch point for the customer, McPherson said. The teams then used Post-It Notes (“We have a lot of those laying around,” joked McPherson.) to identify pain points and cluster themes for problems along the customer journey.

·         Ethnography, an intense period of observing and engaging with the customer in their home or work environment, is the method Seif’s team at HDR has used to experience the world through the eyes of the user.   


The “5 Es” method of customer journey mapping, described by Seif, based on innovation by the Doblin Consulting Group, provided the format for PRSA members at the event to try their hand in customer journey mapping: 1. Entice 2. Enter 3. Engage 4. Exit 5. Extend. (Click here for the workshop template.)


Find measurements of success:

·         Customer call volume provides good data to measure progress in reducing customer pain points, said Mellum.

·         Value in customer journey mapping can come from insights, the “ah-ha” moments such as when a client gains clarity on design for a project, said Seif.

·         Clustering customer experiences to identify one bigger problem rather than trying to solve small problems one by one has been a major benefit for 3M, said McPherson.


Dual tracks: digital / non-digital customer experiences

One insight from the workshop, particularly important for communicators, is the need to develop dual tracks for customer journey mapping. Dividing the customer experience into digital and non-digital has allowed 3M to quickly address key digital customer pain points, McPherson said.


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