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July, 2019

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Is Diversity and Inclusion a part of your PR and communications outreach? The world is diverse and PR and communication professionals must also be intentional about their approach ensuring that their messaging is diverse and inclusive and that it speaks to a variety of difference audiences. Communications and government officials from the two most diverse cities in the state of Minnesota — Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park — will provide insights on how to understand cultural nuances in communications and reach diverse groups.
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“Other writing coaches tell you what to do. Ann shows you how.”— Roberta Laughlin, vice president, mutual funds marketing, Northern Trust

Want to come up with fresher, faster, more inspired story ideas and writing insights? Welcome to the wonderful world of the writing process and creative process.

In our writing-process webinar—Write Better, Easier and Faster— you’ll master a five-step creative process that helps you produce more and better ideas. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

Write while washing the dishes: Find out why taking a walk, a nap or a break is actually part of the creative process.
Treat writer’s block, procrastination and formulaic thinking: When you understand the creative process, you can end-run some of the common problems that writers and editors face.
Avoid “creative incest”: Stop creating communications that are dull replicas of the same thing you did last year—and the year before that.
Take five simple steps to a new idea. The more you understand how your brain creates, the more creative you’ll be.
Lead better brainstorming sessions. Help your group dream up more bright ideas with one simple trick.
Practice Papa Hemingway’s advice on the creative process. Find out what to do after you come up with your brilliant idea.
“I can use these tools right away, right now!”— Dorothy Tate, public relations manager, Iowa Soybean Association
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As PR communicators, we great at counseling our companies and clients to re-think, re-frame or re-imagine solutions to their latest challenges. Problem-solving is most effective with others – especially over a cold pint of a local brew. Come join your Minnesota PRSA colleagues at our FREE “Pint-Sized Solutions & Social.”

Walk in with your challenge and walk out with many potential ideas and solutions! In your small group, you will network and brainstorm new perspectives, approaches and possibilities to your current PR challenge. Each small group topics will differ based on what the participants share. Some potential examples could include: career development/exploration, client strategy or tactics, advancing the PR profession, best practices, latest tools and techniques, or current market events.

Much like speed dating, this fast-paced speed-solutions event allows each small group member only 20 minutes to share and discuss her/his challenge. You can continue to network and brainstorm after the session with your new connections.

Pint-Sized Solutions & Socials
5-7 p.m. (Program starts promptly at 5:30 p.m. and registration is required) July 25 at Finnegan’s Brewery (87 S 5th Street, Minneapolis)

For questions or more information, please contact Lisa Hiebert at or Halli Kubes at
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Have you always felt you were a born entrepreneur? Maybe you dream about starting your own solo practice or virtual PR agency where you take the lead and growth is your responsibility. If you’ve already had that “Aha!” moment, but don’t know where to go from here, this webinar is for you.

You’ll learn about the rewards and risks of starting your own venture from the principal and founder of a virtual PR and marketing agency and PRSA Independent Practitioners Alliance member, and from the CEO and founder of a marketing and communications consultancy and adjunct PR professor at San Jose State University. They’ll help you estimate your financial and time investment, show you how to use networking, social media and online resources to find prospective clients, implement best practices for critical business functions and use your APR skills to think strategically while adjusting tactics on the fly.

Participants will come out of this webinar with 10 time-tested tips to develop a significant competitive advantage, recruit a loyal agency staff, expand service offerings by collaborating with contractors and other indies, attract top design talent, provide integrated marketing communications and brand identity, find and retain clients, become a valuable asset who helps clients meet organizational challenges like crisis management and corporate social responsibility, develop effective marketing and social media initiatives, and implement practical, real-world solutions to manage your thriving business while maintaining a satisfying work/life balance.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

Estimate the financial investment and time required to launch an agency or practice, and use networking, social media and online resources to find prospective clients.
Position and promote a virtual agency or independent practice using cost-effective marketing, websites and social media platforms.
Manage virtual agency staff and contractors to avoid turnove