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September, 2019

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This is not a “preaching to the choir” webinar, but a webinar to educate and equip organizational change. We encourage white males to attend, short of saying, “Hey you, white man, come to D&I.”

In “What it’s like to be Black in PR,” a short documentary released by PR Week, participants vocalized their opinions of representation and engagement in a PR agency, and called for a response by corporations to insist on diversity within the contracted PR teams. This video highlights the struggle of inclusivity that is difficult to measure and understand without having a conversation with underrepresented populations. However, research and data exist that can help management and leadership build the basic foundation to nurture an inclusive environment.

Following the Arthur W. Page Society benchmark study on diversity and inclusion practices for recruitment and retention of talent, this presentation will provide organizational strategies that leaders can adopt to build engage team members and build an inclusive team environment.

Fundamentally, we have often divorced the personal from the business; however, as the landscape of organizational visions and missions change, the business sphere that has often been described as amoral must engage questions of morality, philosophy and psychology to ensure the longevity of firms and agencies. Viewers will be challenged to respond to diversity and inclusion mandates and a future that calls for action in the face of moral injustice.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

Construct one of the basic models of minority experience within organizations.
Understand the best practice responses to diversity mandates.
List initiatives used to build inclusive environments.
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What is Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), and why should it matter to you? Join us for a discussion of the APR process and the value this designation brings to you and to your career. Two communications professionals who have earned Accreditation will lead the webinar and share their personal experiences.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

Know the potential of Accreditation to advance their careers.
Describe the value of the Accreditation process.
Understand how to pursue Accreditation.
Weber Shandwick Minneapolis
5:30 PM
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Culture is increasingly at the heart of today’s biggest corporate scandals, and dysfunctional corporate culture often manifests itself in unethical and even illegal behavior. Harassment at a major network? Fueled by a culture of sexism. Fake accounts at one of the country’s largest banks? Driven by a leadership team that believed in performance-at-all costs and led others to believe in it, too. Often described as a company’s most precious asset, culture can just as easily be an organization’s biggest liability.